Dubble Eyelid Effect

Double eyelid effect techniques are suitable with people (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korea, Vietnamese and Thai) who would like to ehance their eyes to have more opened appearance by using custom cut surgical tape to help to create tempolary double upper eyelid or bigger upper eyelids.  This double eyelid technique involves eyeshadow, eyeliner and false eyelashes application techniques to get the best results.

This double eyelid effect technique by using custom cut surgical tape may not work with everyone as it requires excess skin at the inward of both upper eyeslids to start with. If you have single eyelids, no excess skin and very tight skin on your upper eyelids so this maybe not work well with you but the soloution is using double eyelid effect by using eyeshadow application technique, eyeliner and false eyelashes will help to achieve the look you wanted.

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