What is Bikini Waxing?

The removal of hair from a woman’s body that is above the leg and below the navel is known as bikini waxing. This area of a woman’s body is also known as the ‘bikini line’, which is a euphemistic term that has developed over the decades to refer to pubic hair which is visible beyond that which a typical bikini swimsuit covers. 

What is Brazilian Waxing?

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This is a style of bikini waxing where the waxer removes all hair from the front to the back including the area between bums. Yes, there is hair between the bums too, and many women desire to get rid of this hair also. However, above the vagina, a landing strip is left in Brazilian waxing style which may be oval, triangle, heart or any other shaped but even this hair is trimmed down to a quarter of an inch for aesthetic sense. Brazilian wax is a bit more hair removed than a regular bikini wax but a little less than Hollywood wax.

What is Hollywood Waxing?

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Hollywood wax is one style of bikini waxing where the entire pubic area is stripped of all hair. No hair is left behind starting from the front to the back, including in between buttocks. This is akin to getting into a natural state in which one is born. This is a style that looks very sexy and appealing and allows one to wear thongs and extremely short panties that barely cover the crotch. Hollywood wax is also known as Sphinx or full body wax, as no hair is left behind and the entire area from the pubic area to buttocks at the back is made completely bald.

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